emprunter translation in English

J’aimerais t’emprunter cinquante dollars. I’d like to borrow fifty dollars from you. J’aimerais emprunter ce livre qui semble également excellent. I would like to borrow that book which also sounds excellent. Et tous les visiteurs devaient emprunter cet ascenseur. All of Mr. Chow’s visitors would have had to take this elevator up. Nous devons toutefois emprunter cette voie politique. However, we must take that political direction. Mais j’aimerais emprunter un runabout. But I would like to request the use of a runabout. Les candidats non titulaires d’un certificat scolaire traditionnel donnant accès à l’enseignement supérieur peuvent emprunter au moins une voie alternative. This means that candidates who do not possess a standard mainstream qualification allowing access to higher education can use at least one alternative route to embark on studies at this level.


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