Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire

Abbey Scriptorium

Abbey Scriptorium

Booth #221 • Artisan

Shire’s Bookstore and Historical Library

Adventurer's Guild

Adventurer’s Guild

Booth #323 • Service

Escape Room, Puzzle Shop, D&D Adventures & More!

Amazing Maze

The Amazing Maze

Booth #251 • Games & Rides

Escape This Life-Sized Maze

American Highlander

American Highlander

Booth #433 • Artisan

Kilts and Clothing

Angry Pirate Games

Angry Pirate Games

Booth #100 • Games & Rides

Archery, Axe Throw, Knife Throw

Archery Through the Ages

Archery Through the Ages

Booth #602 • Demonstrator

Archery Demonstration and Hand-Made Longbows


The Aviary

Booth #535 • Demonstrator

Have your questions answered by our longtime resident falconer, Ash Cary

Axe and Bear Trading

Axe & Bear Trading

Booth #325 • Artisan

Everything for the Woodsman, Rangers, Adventurers, and Explorers

Be Steel My Heart

Be Steel My Heart

Booth #343 • Artisan

Fantasy, Licensed Swords

Blue Thistle Pottery

Blue Thistle Pottery

Booth #124 • Demonstrator

Pottery Sculpted Before Your Eyes


BrainVessel Co-Op

Booth #230 • Artisan

Hand-Crafter Co-Op

Button Down the Hatches

Button Down the Hatches

Booth #118 • Artisan

Button Jewelry and Unique Gifts

Canes Enable

Canes Enable

Booth #529 • Artisan

Vintage Umbrellas, Canes, and Walking Sticks

Casta Diva

Casta Diva

Booth #140 • Artisan

Hand-Made Corsets

Center of Energy

Center of Energy

Booth #506 • Entertainment

Massage, Reflexology, Reiki, and More



Booth #220 • Food & Drynke

Fresh Steak or Chicken Sandwiches

Crones Enchanted Cottage

Crone’s Enchanted Cottage

Booth #315 • Artisan

Witchy Creations and Trinkets

Crown Jewels

Crown Jewels

Booth #307 • Artisan

Upscale Precious Jewels and Pearls

Crows Nest

Crow’s Nest

Booth #121 • Games & Rides

Spinning Man-Powered Ride

Crystal Fantasy

Crystal Fantasy/Celtic Mark

Booth #136 • Artisan

Unique Apparel

Crystal Fineries

Crystal Fynery

Booth #207 • Artisan

Renaissance Clothing for Lords and Ladies

Delighted Eye

Delighted Eye

Booth #317 • Artisan

Headwreaths and Wares for Home and Garden

Dragon's Breath Glassworks 2

Davinci’s Workshop

Booth #326 • Artisan

Glassblowing Classes, Paint Your Own Pottery & Such

Duck and Cover

Duck & Cover

Booth #217 • Artisan

Armor and Child Friendly Swords

Dungeon Museum

Dungeon Museum

Booth #621 • Artisan

Marvel at the Poor Souls on Display in the Dungeon

Emerald Castle

Emerald Castle

Booth #303 • Artisan

Rings, Necklaces, Bracelets, and More

Fairie Fluff

Fairie Fluff

Roaming Cart • Food & Drynke

Fresh Cotton Candy

Fight Circle

The Fight Circle

Booth #524 • Games & Rides

Challenge Your Friends to a Sword Fighting Duel

Fionna's Fineries

Fionna’s Fineries

Booth #646 • Artisan

16th Century Apparel for the Fanciful Traveler

Fleur Di Lis

Fleur Di Lis Teas

Booth #128 • Artisan

Specialty Teas and Tea-Related Gifts

Forever Mine

Forever Mine

Booth #534 • Artisan

Gems, Rocks, Pendulums & Such

Fortune's Favour

Fortune’s Favour

Booth #636/640 • Services

Tarot Card Reading and More



Booth #614 • Games &

Add a Little Swing to Your Shire Travels

Horn Kiosk

Horn Kiosk

Booth #247 • Artisan

A set of Horns to Suit Every Personality

PRF Logo


Booth #201 • Services

Information Services, Official Merch & Coin of the Realm



Roaming Cart • Food & Drynke

Assorted Flavored Jerky

La Forge

La Forge

Booth #347 • Demonstrator

Live Blacksmith Demos

Lion's Den

Lion’s Den

Booth #126 • Artisan

Hand-Crafted Leather Items

Merlin's Magic

Merlin’s Magic

Booth #508 • Demonstrator

Hand-Crafted Walking Sticks; Magical and Mystical Wares

Midnight Orchid

Midnight Orchid Design

Booth #209 • Artisan

Handmade bellydance, renaissance, celtic, steampunk and viking style up cycled clothing

Norse Naturals

Norse Naturals

Booth #437 • Artisan

All Natural Beard & Body Products

Oh My Goddess

Oh My Goddess

Booth #327 • Artisan

Unique, One-of-a-Kind Gifts, Specialties, and Finds

The Painted Pot

The Painted Pot

Booth #323 • Services

Paint Your Own Ceramics!

Pandora's Locks

Pandora’s Locks Hairdressing

Booth #625 • Services

Unique Braids and Twists to Wear Around the Shire

Peasant Bread

Peasant Bread

Booth #202 • Food & Drynke

Funnel Cake, Peasant Bread, and Lemonade

Perth Pewter

Perth Pewter

Booth #431 • Artisan

Hand-Poured Pewter and Accessories

Ship Swings

Pirate Ship Swings

Booth #441 • Games & Rides

Sway to and Fro on this Man Powered Ride



Booth #610 • Artisan=

Purses, Crystal, and Elaborate Jewelry

Queen's Creamery

Queen’s Creamery

Booth #216 • Food & Drynke

Premium Ice Cream, Milkshakes

Red Wyvern Studio

Red Wyvern Studio

Booth #607 • Artisan

Unique Renaissance, Steampunk & Victorian Hats



Roaming Baskets • Artisan

Assorted Artificial Roses

Rooks Gambit

Rooks Gambit

Booth #237 • Artisan

Board Games, Dice, Wands

Royal Amber

Royal Amber Jewellery


Amber Adornments

Royal Family

Royal Family Jewelry

Booth #304 • Artisan

Silver Adornments

PRF Logo

The Royal Oui

Booth #253 • Artisan

Official PRF Souvenirs

Silk Road Henna

Silk Road Henna

Booth #TBD • Service

Henna Tattoo Art

Silk Road Traders

Silk Road Traders

Booth #TBD • Artisan

Unique, Beautiful & Often Colorful Treasures

Steak on a Stake

Steak on a Stake

Booth #218 • Food & Drynke

Beef, Chicken or Shrimp

Sticks and Stones and Copper Bones

Sticks & Stones & Copper Bones

Booth #316 • Artisan

Wands, Gemstones, and Copper Wares

Sword And Shield

Swords & Shields

Booth #323 • Artisan

Artistically Decorated Wooden Swords/Shields

Tomboy Togs

Tomboy Togs

Roaming Booth • Artisan

Embroidered Felt Accessories

Umbrella Cart

Umbrella Cart

Roaming Cart • Artisan

Assorted Umbrellas

Utopia Armory

Utopia Armory

Booth #426 • Demonstrator

Chain Mail and Metal Works

Wee Dragon

Wee Dragon

Booth #200 • Artisan

Children’s Costumes and Hats

Wild Boar

Wild Boar

Booth #642 • Games & Rides

Take a Ride on the Wild Boar, If You Dare

Wish Bottles

Wish Bottle Cart

Roaming Cart • Artisan

Choose a Potion, Make a Keepsake

Bird Whistle Cart

Whistle Birds

Roaming Cart • Artisan

Assorted Whistels

Wreck Room

The Wreck Room

Booth #650 • Games & Rides

You Buy It, You Break It! Smash a Variety of Glassware

Ye olde Wizards

Ye Olde Wizards & Dragons

Booth #615 • Artisan

Fanciful and Fantastical Statuary


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